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When asked about the sound and integrity of his music, Tommy Joe Wilson replies with, "It's a whole lotta me." After listening to his debut album you can tell it would be impossible to separate Tommy Joe's refreshing lyrics from his personal life experiences.

Tommy Joe's voice is unbelievable! His heart and soul shines through, in his music, making it an instant connection with listeners. Tommy has a hot southern country sound with a new country twist and it's real easy to catch yourself singing along. With influences like George Strait, Keith Whitley, Skip Ewing and Alabama it explains why Tommy Joe's love for country music explodes from his debut single scheduled for release in 2008.

Born in a small town in East Texas, Tommy Joe was always surrounded by good old fashion country music. He recalls "it wasn't just the music Momma and Daddy listened to. It was a way of life." This creates a picture of Tommy's way of life that generates his lyrics and high-quality southern vocals. The world changed for young Tommy Joe, when his cousin entered a talent competition in a Lake Tawakoni night club called The Silver Spur. Tommy Joe was allowed to tag along to watch his cousin perform. Halfway through the show they called Tommy Joe to the stage. He recalls, "I was thinking they can't be calling me. I don't even sing." Tommy’s cousin told him to tell the band what song and the key to play it in. From that moment Tommy Joe went from never really knowing he could sing to winning a talent competition.

Song writing came into Tommy’s life when he picked up a recording of Skip Ewing, someone he hardly knew. Tommy says, "I found everything in that recording. The melodies were amazing, the lyrics even better and the voice smooth and calm. He seemed to find rhymes in unlikely places." Tommy Joe's dream became not only to be an artist, but a songwriter as well.

Dreams became reality for Tommy Joe when he was playing a gig at the Second Fiddle venue in Downtown Nashville on a Monday night in 2006. When out of the ordinary, Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver) and Duff McKagen (Guns n Roses/Velvet Revolver) walked into the club. Scott and Duff jumped up onstage and performed, "HonkyTonk Women", with Tommy Joe and his talented band. After hearing a few of Tommy’s original songs that night, Scott Weiland signed Tommy Joe right there on the spot to SoftDrive Records. Since then Tommy has landed a music publishing deal with Better Angels Music and co-wrote seven of the thirteen tracks on his debut CD "Tryin' To Find The Sun".

Music is medicine to many people and Tommy Joe is a skilled doctor in country music today.

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